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Tip, Tricks and Tools to help with learning

I have created a fretboard for the ukulele which has been colour coded to show the difference between the sharps and flats on the fretboard.  Click the link below to open the fretboard in a new page.  Ukulele Fretboard

Moveable Chord:  I found this on another website -  I contacted the owners of the site and they have given permission for me to  publish on our website.  The PDF attached shows the different chords that can be created using Barre Chords.  There may be some simper transitions in here for some of our songs.  Check it out.  Moveable Chords 

For those beginning to learn how to play the ukulele, I have developed a guide to strumming.  These are my own words and I hope they will be useful in helping newcomers to get to grips with strumming.  Guide to strumming 

Scales.  Necessary for understanding how notes progress.  I have designed a sheet which is based on the circle of fifths but is laid out as a table   The major scales are shown down the left with the chord (or note progressions across the top).  The "W" and "H" represent a jump of a whole tone or a half tone.  So, to play a scale you can learn that from the root note, the scale always jumps W, W H, W, W W, H.  This is why some scales have more sharps and flats than other scales.  Anyway, check out the major scales sheet.  Major Scales

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