Carlisle Ukulele Club



17th March            Lakeland Music Shop Penrith

4th June               Dalston Village Square

9th November      Cummersdale Village Hall

4th December      Down-a-Gate Centre Warwick Bridge



12th April             The Denton Holme Conservative Club Carlisle

25th April             The Skinny Gorilla Carlisle

1st June               "The Beatles Day" Carlisle City Centre

17th August          Caldbeck Village Hall

20th August          Busking at The Bandstand and The Lanes Carlisle

30th August          Brampton Golf Club

7th September     Merienda Carlisle

22nd September   Penrith Beer Festival with Lakeland Music

28th September   Down-a-Gate Centre Warwick Bridge

25th October       Harraby Catholic Club Carlisle

26th October       The Pinegrove Hotel Carlisle

1st November      The Denton Holme Conservative Club Carlisle

3rd November     The Redfern Carlisle

22nd November   Pirelli Social Club Carlisle

6th December     The Calva Bar Carlisle

14th December   Caldbeck Parish Hall

22nd December   The Redfern Carlisle



1st February      Greenhill Hotel Wigton

16th February    The Redfern Carlisle

1st March           Jaime's House Party Carlisle

13th March         Eden Golf Club Carlisle

21st March          The Museum Open Mic Carlisle

29th March         Club Britannia Carlisle

5th April             Burnside Ukulele Gala 

20th April           The Border Riever Carlisle

2nd May              The Black Lion Beer Festival Hethersgill

4th May              Burgh-by-Sands Village Hall Open Mic   

11th May            Eden Golf Club Wedding Fayre

18th May            "Nukefest" Wrenbury Cheshire

25th May             Carlisle Music City

25th May            The Redfern Carlisle

14th June           Club Britannia Carlisle

1st July              Burnside Court Carlisle

5th July              Owen and Hannah's Wedding

19th July            "Wellyfest" The Wellington Inn Great Orton

16th August        Carlisle Town Centre

24th August        The Border Riever Carlisle

24th August        The Royal Scot Carlisle

25th August        The Black Lion Hethersgill

31st August         The Redfern Carlisle

6th September    Club Britannia Carlisle

26th September  Eden Golf Club Carlisle

10th October      The Shepherds Inn Carlisle

11th October      Down-a-Gate Centre in Warwick bridge

25th October      Carlisle Ukulele Gala

7th November     Brampton Conservative Club

15th November   The New Waterton Hall Carlisle

20th November   Carlisle City Centre Bandstand

7th December     Carlisle City Centre Bandstand

7th December     Carlisle Community Choir Christmas Concert

21st December   The Redfern Carlisle

31st December    The Border Riever Carlisle



9th February      Moo Bar Carlisle

21st February    The Tithe Barn in Carlisle

10th April          Tynefield Drive Day Centre Penrith

3rd May             The Crown Hotel Wetheral 

21st May            St John's Church Carlisle 

5th June            The Calva Bar Carlisle

13th June         Burneside Ukulele Gala 

21st June          The Crown and Thistle Carlisle  

3rd July             Carlisle Cricket Club

12th July           Brunton Park for "The Carlisle United Fun Day" 

14th July            Burgh Village Hall

9th August          The Bandstand Carlisle City Centre 

22nd August        "Wellyfest" The Wellington Inn at Great Orton

6th September     The Bandstand in Carlisle City Centre

19th September   Wigton Road Methodist Church Carlisle

25th September   Morton Manor Carlisle

6th October         Petteril Bank House Carlisle

23rd October       Burnside Care Home Carlisle 

24th October       Dik and Jane's Wedding Friars Carse Dumfries

17th November    Petteril Bank House Carlisle

12th December   Ross and Kirsty's Wedding Milton Hiltop Hotel Carlisle

18th December   Petteril Bank House Carlisle



11th February     The Halston Carlisle 

26th February    Nick and Christine's Wedding

5th March          The Tithe Barn Carlisle

20th March        The Redfern Carlisle

3rd May             Carlisle Stroke Club

8th May             The Ukulele Festival of Scotland    

14th May           The Conservative Club Spencer Street Carlisle

11th August       Ullswater Yacht Club

14th August       Salvation Army Carlisle

20th August       The Bandstand in Carlisle Town Centre

6th October         Herny Lonsdale Care Home Rosehill Carlisle

19th October       Petteril Bank Care Home Carlisle

3rd November      St Cuthberts Court Care Home Carlisle 

4th December      Keswick Victorian Fayre



14th January       Heads Nook Village Hall

23rd February     Bishops Court Care Home

9th March           Scotby Village Hall

23rd April           Thursby Village Hall

2nd May              Carlisle Stroke Club

7th August          The Bridgend Dalston

11th August        Ullswater Yacht Club 




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